Long Term Health Care Insurance Secrets

Ex-Agent Reveals What Companies & Agents Don't Want You to Know

Long Term Health Care Insurance...

Biggest Retirement Scam Ever Invented or Best Financial Decision You'll Ever Make?

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Dear consumers and families everywhere,

I urge you to read this entire letter and revealing report. As an ex-agent and former insurance insider I know a lot about long term health care insurance

All across America the push is on for to convince people to buy long term health care insurance. Insurance companies are making a killing selling these policies but should you trust those glossy brochures with the happy smiling people on the cover?

In a word - No

Long term health care insurance - if it makes sense - will be the best decision you ever make or the biggest financial disaster of your lifetime. Before you even consider the idea of long term health care insurance you need to know what I know as an ex-agent and former insider of long term care insurance companies.  But first let's take a look down the aging highway.  Do you know ...

  • The fastest growing segment of the population is over 85
  • Every seven seconds another person in the U.S. turns 50
  • There are almost 80 million baby boomers aging at the same time
  • It's estimated that 10 million baby boomers will have Alzheimer's or some type of brain illness
  • The L.A. Times, CNN and other news agencies report that the "healthcare system is unprepared for the onslaught of aging boomers"
  • The U.S. government estimates that spending on long-term care services just for the elderly could reach as much as $379 billion in the next 30-40 years
  • Medicaid is expected to remain one of the largest funding sources for long term care, straining both federal and state governments
  • The General Accounting Office of the U.S. government reports that "a key question for policymakers will be to consider what options exist for rethinking the federal, state, and private roles in financing long-term care

Taken together, all of the above is a clear sign that a long term care financial tsunami is headed toward everyone

The above also warns that Medicaid - which is medical welfare for the poor and bankrupt - will be one of the largest funding sources

This means that more and more people will be liquidating retirement dollars and lifestyle choices because of health care costs.  And if that's not bad enough policymakers are going to be rethinking their role in all this.

Either you face the truth that the cost of long term care is a financial threat that can paralyze you and wipe you and your family off the map or you put your head in the sand and hope it will happen to the other guy. 

Put simply, these are your choices...

#1.    Do nothing and pray that just because 7 out of 10 couples have a long-term care need it won't happen to you and your spouse,

#2.    Roll the dice and if a long term care need comes start writing the checks ... by the way these always start in the thousands of dollars,

#3.    Consider long term health care insurance  but be very smart about how you transfer your risk by learning the inside secrets to long term health care insurance.

If you picked #1 or #2 then you need to immediately visit the church for your prays or go to the casino for your dice!  If you said  #3 then keep reading...

As an ex-agent and former specialist in long term care insurance I not only know how insurance companies work but I know how long term care insurance works in particular. I discovered the dirty little secrets and tricks companies use that can keep people from their benefits. 

As an ex-agent I learned firsthand how insurance companies really work and what you need to do to make sure you're not the bulls-eye. Insurance companies are hoping you never learn anything. They want you to be the big red, dumb target so they can throw their darts at you. Stop being a sucker and turn the tables on them. After you've read my guide and watched my revealing videos you'll be the one in charge, not the insurance company and not the agent.

long term health care insuranceAs an ex-agent turned consumer advocate I want to hand over the "golden keys" insurance companies carry around.  I want to reveal to you ...

  • The secret language long term health care insurance companies use to limit or keep you from accessing your benefits,
  • What agents don't tell you and what companies hope you'll never find out
  • How to easily turn the tables so your interests are served before anyone else's.

    For the first time ever you will know and understand the hidden loopholes insurance companies pay lawyers to create.

    Now, please understand, insurance companies aren't necessarily bad, they're just smart.   Once your read "Insiders Secrets" and watch the accompanying videos you'll be as smart as them.

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    After reading "Insider's Secrets" and watching the videos...

    • It'll be as easy as 1-2-3- to see through any hidden secrets or loopholes
    • You'll know in a snap if you should even have long term health care insurance, and
    • You'll have inside knowledge that puts you in a position of authority.

    In October 2007 the top-ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee asked 11 long-term care insurance companies to explain ?troubling data? regarding how policyholders? claims are handled and paid.  Unaware consumers - in a rush to quell the financial risk - jump too fast at any company or any policy that says it will be there for them.  Believe me when I say that long term health care insurance is the most complicated insurance contract ever written.  In fact, in some states an agent needs additional training to even talk to consumers about it. 

    Insurance companies are in business to make money - they are not a charity organization. They make money by playing the odds and usually the odds are in their favor.  The way they stack those odds is by keeping consumers in the dark, bribing agents with excessive commissions and hiring squads of attorneys who do nothing but write contracts that tilt the game toward the insurance company. 

    When I was an agent in the field I did nothing but specialize in long term health care insurance. I had several companies in my bag and learned the inside-out of every policy and offer. I also learned that if you aren't careful the insurance company will stack the deck in their favor. And they do this with hidden terms and loopholes that are invisible to you. Remember, lawyers are paid handsomely to craft these crafty contracts.

    The truth is that while every policy is peppered with land mines you can get from point A to point B with no trouble at all The trick is learning, uncovering and discovering the hidden loopholes and secret terminology before you ever make a claim or invest a single dime in a policy.

    Now, I'll be honest with you. I loved selling long term care insurance and I was good at it. I also believe that it can be one of the best investments you can make. When my father got sick, may God rest his soul, my mother filed a claim.  The company paid, no questions asked. But guess what? As the agent who wrote that policy I was inside looking out. I knew what was good, which companies would pay and how to design a plan. And that's what I want to teach you.

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    In the easy to read "Insider Secrets to Long Term Care Insurance: the Ultimate Consumer Buying Guide" you're going to learn inside information that most agents won't tell you and insurance LTC insurance ebook companies definitely don't want you to know. Once you discover these secrets you will absolutely know...
  • If long term health care insurance is right for you, your family and financial security,
  • How to close the hidden loopholes so that you are guaranteed to get every benefit you're entitled to,
  • How to easily spot any limitations to a policy that insurers don't want you to find out about, and

  • If the agent you're talking to knows anything about long term health care insurance

    Many financial planners like to call long term health care insurance wealth insurance. Well, long term health care insurance might be wealth insurance but if you don't understand how to tailor your plan or even if you should have a plan then it's wealth insurance for the insurance company not you or your family.

    If you care about yourself, your family and your financial security then you simply must read this guide. Once you do you're going to ...

    Uncover the trap doors in meeting the deductible and learn why insurance companies want to keep you in the dark about this (p. 61)
    Discover the pitfalls and truth of home care. If you think the insurance company is sending someone in to make you a grilled cheese sandwich, think again. Learn if home care is what it's cracked up to be or just some "special sauce" the insurance company is making millions on (p. 54)
    Learn if you even qualify for long term health care insurance and what any health condition you might have is going to cost you or your spouse (p. 26)
    Know how to fund long term health care insurance without any out-of-pocket or up-front expense to you and your family, this one is so obvious that you'll kick yourself for not thinking of it sooner (p. 50)
    long term health care insurance Learn what agents never tell you about the "waiver of premium" and why this one bit of information alone could cost you thousands of dollars (p. 61)
    Revealed -  30 critical questions that no agent or company wants you to have that you must be asking to make sure you're not getting ripped off in money or benefits (p. 70)
    Learn if Medicaid planning is an option for you or just a super-smart lawyer who wants to pull money from your pocket (p. 22)
    Understand how the "bag 'o money" works so you can work it to your advantage (p. 29)
    Review and in-depth directory of long term care costs broken down by services in cities, states and regions (p. 86)
    Simple questions you can ask that will instantly identify which companies are most likely to raise their rates. This one piece of information can mean the difference between a stable policy or rate increases every few years ... again, thousands of dollars you keep or thousands of dollars you lose! (p. 39)
    Learn about unearned premium and why what you don't know about this could potentially cost you thousands of dollars. (p. 59)
    Get a worksheet to calculate your exposure and risk so you can determine if long term health care insurance makes sense for you and your family. (p. 78)

    "Insider Secrets" contains information that will put you in a position of power and control. Once you read this book you'll never be a target again. You'll be able to determine if you should have long term health care insurance and if yes exactly how to design a plan. You will never be at the mercy of and agent or company again. You will have turned the tables on them. You will be in charge.

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    Along with the guide you'll gain access to "Insider's Secrets Video Vault".  Inside the video vault you'll receive an in-depth overview and review of...long term health care insurance

  • Critical Questions Part I - Overview and Introduction
  • Critical Questions Part II - The Special Sauce
  • Critical Question Part III - Clues to the Contract
  • Part IV - Hidden Secrets behind Contract Language
  • Part V - Looking Inside Out at the Policy Outlines
  • Along with access to the video vault I've included three secret bonuses that you'll also receive.  Each one of these secret bonuses contain critical information that you simply must have and implement immediately.

    By now you might be wondering "how much is this going to cost me?"  I can assure you much less than you might imagine.

    long term health care insuranceInformation like this simply cannot be extracted from free guides or insurance company brochures. There is no information like this anywhere and I really want you to have it. If I make it too expensive then you won't want to buy it, but if I make it too inexpensive then you'll probably think it isn't worth buying. This is what I've decided to do. I've decided to offer you "Insider Secrets" at a special introductory rate along with the bonuses. 

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    As an ex-agent I know how valuable this information will be to you and your family.  If I wanted I could just as easily charge a consulting fee for everything you're getting and at more than $150 an hour it would add up quickly. 

    The real value of this guide - considering the hours and hours of work, the field training and endless travel to  insurance company meetings - is really in the thousands of dollars.  The real value of the videos which I produce in my office especially for you are worth hundreds of dollars, as well.  In fact, if my time were a factor I would have to charge more than $1,000.  I'm not kidding here.  But of course, you're not going to pay that and I wouldn't ask that.  My goal is to get the message out - the message that you are in danger.

    You are in danger because you don't understand the consequences of living longer.  You are in danger because you refuse to accept that living longer means spending money on health care.  You are in danger because this risk and denial could wipe out you, your family and your lifestyle in no short order.  Don't forget that one out of eight baby boomers is expected to have Alzheimer's and that every day people live longer with chronic illness.  I don't want you to be caught short.  I want to help, I really do.  And that's why I am making you the offer of a lifetime.

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    What?  Just $24.95 - I think I should hit myself in the head for that!  No kidding.  But I'll tell you the truth - I believe so strongly in this information that I want you to easily have it.  That's why your investment is less than a nice dinner on the town for two.

    When I worked in insurance I met too many people who had a storyI don't want you to have one of those stories.  A story where suddenly something happens that you thought never would and ever since you've been left to liquidating your savings and calling on the help of friends and family.  The most important asset you have is your health and the greatest risk to your life's work is the cost of health care...especially long term care costs.  With 1-out-of-7 couples having a long term care need in their lifetime (including my own parents) the odds are not in your favor.  Rather than speculate decide right now to learn the inside secrets that only an agent can reveal.

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    The cost of long term care can be in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars; the cost of long term health care insurance is in the many thousands of dollars but the cost of this guide is pennies in comparison. Doesn't it make sense to you to invest a fraction of that potential cost to learn the real inside story so you can protect your retirement income, lifestyle and family?

    Your investment in the guide is a mere fraction of what you might be spending year-after-year with the insurance company.

    Take advantage of my offer today - get your copy of "Insider Secrets" right now along with the three bonuses and my "no questions asked" guarantee.

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    >Stop being a target of the insurance agents and companies. Put yourself in a position of power and control. Turn the tables on them and learn the inside secrets of long term health care insurance.

    With warmest regards,
    long term health care insurance
    Lisa, the Insurance Traitor Crusader

    PS -  Don't wait another moment to learn the inside secrets of long term health care insurance.  Uncover what agents won't tell you and companies hope you'll never find out.  Discover if long term health care insurance is the biggest retirement scam ever invented or the best financial investment you'll ever make.

    PPS - As you stand at this crossroads - to order or not to order - remember this
    You can choose to learn now what you don't know, decide today if you  really do need to do something to protect you and your family and then rest assured knowing you made the right decision or you can ignore everything I'm saying and run the risk of not really knowing and possibly facing the devastating reality of paying for health care that costs thousands and thousands of dollars a month which can strip you financially.  Hero or villain...you decide.

    Oh and don't forget you're protected by a no questions asked guarantee for 60 days.

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